Lip Care

What is the peculiarity of the lip skin, and why does it need special care? What tools to use to make your lips look attractive

The number of sebaceous glands in the lip area is reduced, a small number of them is located only in the corners of the lips. That is why in the absence of proper care, dryness, peeling and cracks can not be avoided


The skin of the lips is initially more susceptible to aggressive environmental influences, since it has a thin epidermis and is almost devoid of natural protective lubricant


The main causes of dryness:

negative impact of environmental factors: strong wind, frost or, conversely, scorching sun, temperature difference;

features of the structure;

age-related changes;



The skin of the lips can also be dried by decorative cosmetics — for example, the recently popular matte liquid lipstick. Its persistent texture contains almost no greasy components, so this makeup involves enhanced lip care before and after applying lipstick


Take care of proper nutrition

Beauty begins from within. The lack of vitamins and fatty acids in your diet immediately affects the condition of the lips — and this is a reason to reconsider the food system. It should include:

fatty fish: mackerel, halibut, cyrus, eel, sturgeon;

nuts (walnuts, peanuts), pumpkin seeds;

vegetable oils: olive, linseed, sesame, rapeseed;

vegetables and herbs: spinach, parsley, pumpkin, brussels sprouts.

Bad habits, such as smoking and abusing spicy foods, can also lead to dryness, cracking, and peeling.


Perform exfoliation

Exfoliation is a very useful procedure, including for the skin of the lips. To get rid of peeling and improve microcirculation, try massaging your lips with soft scrubs, such as sugar-based ones.

Apply the primer under the lipstick

Instead of a primer, you can use a low-fat balm. Apply it in a thin layer and "drive" it into the skin with your fingertips or spread it over your lips with a brush

Remove the makeup from your lips correctly

Do not wash your face with soap. Apply a cotton pad with milk or micellar water and gently remove the makeup with it, without rubbing the skin